Creating a Crystal Essence: A Step-by-Step Guide to Safely Creating and Using Crystal Essences

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Creating a Crystal Essence: A Step by Step GuideThis digital download is a 30-page guide that takes you through the process, step-by-step, of creating and applying a crystal essence.
Creating a crystal essence is easy, fun, and it expands the way you can apply crystal energy in your life in a variety of ways. Wherever you can add drops of water - you can add a crystal essence. Imagine the possibilities! Pet bowls, vegetable gardening, houseplants, baths, personal care, drinking water - all and more can be transformed with crystal energy to help support you energetically.
Most people create a crystal essence to take internally, similar to how we might take flower essences. In this workbook, you will learn how to SAFELY and easily create a crystal essence which can be taken like a tincture.
And you'll learn another method which is fail-safe: the indirect method. The indirect method is, in my opinion, just as powerful as the direct and it frees you up to work with any crystal you want in crystal essence form without worrying about potential metal content or trace toxic elements.
I also give you easy-to-follow guidelines to help you decide which method should be followed, based on which crystals you want to work with.
Part I – Introduction to Crystal Essences
  • What is a crystal essence?
  • The theory behind crystal essences
  • Why work with crystal essences?
  • For what purpose might you make a crystal essence?
  • Common questions about safety
  • Working with ritual when creating your crystal essence
Part II – Preparing to Create your Crystal Essence
  • The Two Methods: Direct and Indirect
  • Choosing an intention
  • Choosing the crystals
  • 3 important factors to consider
  • How many crystals?
  • Supplies
Part III: Step-by-step Instructions
  • Step-by-step instructions using the indirect method
  • Step-by-step instructions using the direct method
  • Preservatives
  • Storing the essence
  • Ways to work with the essence
Works Cited & Recommended Resources 
Supplies checklist
Creating a Crystal Essence Worksheet
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